About Action Tax Advisors

Action Tax Advisors is a firm of CPAs, attorneys, enrolled agents, and professional account executives with decades of experience. Our seasoned tax experts do their best to stop liens, garnishments, and more. Imagine not having to worry about or deal with the IRS anymore. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we will devise a plan of action!

Offers In Compromise

Let us negotiate with them on behalf of you as an individual or your company. We will help settle your liabilities for less than you owe.

Wage Garnishment

Are your wages being seized by the IRS? Child support, debt, and legal owing’s can sometimes be wrong or too much. Let us help you sort it out!

Tax Lien

Let us help you figure out who put the lien on and how to satisfy it so the government cannot claim your property or finances.

Bank Levy

Do you owe the bank money? Let us help you resolve your debt and overall the bank levy process so you can get back to doing what's most important.

Payroll Tax Problems

Are you behind on bookkeeping and payroll taxes? Let us help you bookkeep, report files, and make payments.

Unfiled Personal Tax Returns

Did you forget to file your taxes? Let us help you get up to date. It’s okay to owe money but it’s not okay to owe a return!

Our Mission

At Action Tax Advisors we offer unparalleled transparency and honesty about our services and charges. We are experts in finding alternatives for managing any existing tax debt you may have with the IRS or local tax collection agencies. While our results are never guaranteed, we can certainly assist with complicated tax debt issues. Our EAs, CPAs and tax attorneys have decades of experience dealing with the IRS. Our job is to make your life easier by taking the burden of dealing the IRS for you.