Action Tax Advisors

At Action Tax Advisors, our team of professionals is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses alike with their tax needs. We take the time to get to know each client so that we can provide tailored advice on tax planning and compliance. 

Offers In Compromise

Let us handle the IRS. We will help settle your liabilities for less money than you owe!

Tax Lien

It can be stressful trying to understand tax liens. Sometimes lien prices might be wrong!

Payroll Tax Problems

We will help you report files and make payments and keep your books. Even if you are years behind, it does not matter to us.

Wage Garnishment

Tax advisors can help with wage garnishment by helping negotiate a less burdensome repayment plan with creditors.

Bank Levy

A tax advisor can help individuals who are facing a bank levy by providing advice on how to handle their debt and minimize the impact of the levy.

Personal Tax Returns

Firstly, we can assess the situation and advise on any possible penalties or fines due to the delay in filing.

Don't handle this alone, work with the professionals at action tax advisors

Action Tax Advisors is a firm of CPA’s. attorney’s, enrolled agents, and professional account executives that have decades of experience.